Exploring the Greater Wellington Region


There are a lot of things to explore in the greater Wellington region. That’s why a lot of Wellington backpackers prefer going to this place whenever they want to explore the beauty New Zealand has to offer. Not only are there a lot of places to see, they also have some of the best family accommodation Wellington packages that would definitely fit with anyone’s budget.

That said, here’s what you can do upon visiting this region.

1. Have a Taste Around the City

It has been said that the greater Wellington region has the most restaurants and bars per capita that New York City. No doubt about that, because it’s rich with farmland and there’s a nearby ocean located at the south. That means, the food being served at the restaurants are always fresh and exceptionally good. Not just that, it’s also known as the craft beer capital, and the coffee they serve is nothing but legendary.

2. Enjoy Wellington’s National Museum at Te Papa

The National Museum of New Zealand is located in Wellington and it’s known as “Te Papa”. This museum is very fascinating in nature and it grabs the curiosity of visitors of any age. The exhibits are quite unique, innovative, and interactive. Here, the biological, geological, cultural, and social history of New Zealand are some of its main focus. Best of all, the general admission to this museum is free.

3. Wellington Cable Car

One of the most popular icons of Wellington would be the cable car. This cable car runs from Lambton Quay going to the Kelbum– where the Space Place at Carter Observatory and Cable Car Museum are located. Here, you can enjoy interactive displays, and there’s even a state of the art digital planetarium that would give you a virtual voyage to the stores. Then, as you come back down to earn, you can proceed to visiting the botanical garden.

4. Enjoy the World Famous Movie Making Magic

If you have always been wondering where the Lord of the Rings movie was shot, then you should definitely visit the Weta Cave mini-museum. Here, you’ll get the behind-the-scene glimpse of the fantasy film, together with the special effects they used during the filming process.

5. Take a Walk Around Oriental Bay

The waterfront in Wellington is definitely a beautiful place for Wellington backpackers to explore as it’s filled with bars, cafes, parks, sculptures, and many more. Here, you are free to join hundreds of people jogging, walking, crocodile biking, and cycling. During the weekends, you can also stop by at one of their famous weekend markets and get the best deals.

6. Walk Down Cuba Street

Last, but definitely not least, would be exploring Cuba street. This is the home of those who love vintage, artists, and hipsters, because Cuba Street serves as the bohemian haven for these people. It also has some of the most colorful shops, bars, and cafes for you to enjoy.

Final Words

If you’re one of those who’s interested in exploring the greater Wellington area, then we do advise that you also look for the best place where you can stay, such as the Moana Lodge. Here, they offer the best services you can think of, and to know more about their accommodation, please visit www.moana-lodge-accommodation.co.nz.


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